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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
B. Duguay´╝Ü

While this version is twice as expensive as all other Selenium supplements I've seen, this is probably the best money can buy. Dr. Lawrence Wilson suggests this one on his website as the food sourced Selenium that is most readily absorbed. So it's possible that 100mcg of this supplement could be like taking 1.5 of a typical Selenium supplement. If you want to get 200mcg per day, you have to take 2 of these. It's almost $0.30/day or $9/month. I may consider rotating between this and a cheaper brand after my Selenium levels are topped off.


J MacPherson

Helps reduce or eliminate the massively prevalent energy depleted feeling in many people due to toxic metals added to so much we ingest. The results show it is criminal that these toxins are added intentionally decades after learning of their negative side effects. This plus other beneficial substances for your adrenal gland function and detoxification will change your life. Spread knowledge and good luck and hope you the best.

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6/25/2021 4:48 PM
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I trust nmn supplement very much, which makes my body get a very good anti-aging effect.